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Power Controller Unit

ower Controller Unit incorporates a microprocessor which carries out automatic self checking, continually monitors all readings received and indicates operational errors for the ship’s personnel.
Data received can also be stored for output later onto computers or hard copy log sheets.
There is also a built-in facility for connecting the system directly to the ship’s computer or into a separate data logger/chart recorder.

Our ICCP systems can be provided for any size of vessel. A new design is now available for small, specialized craft, such as tugs, seiner, supply boats, ice breakers and FPSO, whose cathodic protection requirements can be more demanding and require specialized system. In icebreakers, for example, exposed galvanic anodes on surface of the hull would be extremely vulnerable to damage or loss, particularly in the bow section.
Coatings on icebreakers are also quickly damaged, exposing large areas of bare steel which require high current densities for adequate protection.

SEHONG’s specifically designed impressed current systems can meet these demands.
In FPSO, for another example, which require very high grade system and longer lifetime as 20~25 years.


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Power Source AC220V qP or AC440V 1P/3P or AC690V 3P or Customer's Specification
Capacity of Rectifier 100 ~ 800 Amp, 12 ~ 24VDC
Anode Number per PSU 8 ea Max.
Reference Electrode Number per PSU 4 ea Max.
IP Grade IP23 or IP44
A LCD display is provided enabling the vessel’s personnel to record readings on a regular basis, entering them onto a log sheet which is returned to our best replica breitling watches at low prices office.
And adjustments needed are made by our field engineer or ship’s crew. There is a built-in facility for connecting the system directly to the ships computer system or into separate data logger. Full electrical protection is provided on input whilst output fuse are fitted in each anode circuit.
All components are readily accessible within the drip-proof steel enclosure.

Remote Display Unit

Remote Display Unit provide a large size graphic LCD which enable the ship’s engineer to check easily all recordings without scroll of display.
Further it provide a mimic board so that they can find out easily each location of anodes and reference electrode.
Main Feature
  • Display of hull potential for every reference electrodes
  • Display of current output for every anodes
  • Display of total current output for each power control unit
  • Display of temperature for each power control unit
  • Display of abnormal alarm for each power control unit :
    overprotection, under protection, over current, high temp. power fail
  • Output contact for abnormal alarm
  • Data interfacing with computer based ship’s alarm monitoring system.
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